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Write for Woke - Submission Guidelines

What kind of content are we looking for? 


Woke’s aim is to promote social justice, fight for human rights, protect our planet and advocate for gender equality. We strive to ensure young people are connected, inspired and empowered to create change. We’re always keen to hear about young people creating change on a local, national and global scale. 


We’re looking for original pieces of work by young people aged 12-25. We want you to bring to light the issues and stories that are not often not heard from a young person’s perspective. We want your take on some of Australia’s and the world’s biggest issues, to your opinion about current events and news, to your personal story on mental health, sexism, racism or anything you’d like. 


Check out some of our other submissions to get a feel of the content that has been submitted in the past.


Submission Checklist

Before you send in your article by emailing us at, here are some things to keep in mind. However if you are keen on writing but aren’t sure of an idea or would prefer to send us a pitch (a paragraph long) about your piece get in touch.

  1. Am I between the ages of 12-25? (If you are outside this category but would still like to contribute please get in contact with the editors directly).

  2. Is my piece approximately between 500-700 words (if it has a reason to be longer please let us know).

  3. Is my piece relevant to Woke? Does it relate to our categories of news and politics, identity, human rights, the planet and young changemakers and fits in with Woke’s aims and profile? 

  4. Is my piece coherent and structured? Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end, (regardless of what form it is written in: e.g. poetry, opinion piece, factual, personal story).

  5. Is my piece personal and engaging? Have I provided other young people with content that challenges perceptions, provokes changes and is authentic to your own personal story? 

  6. Is my piece original and unique – despite the fact the issue is likely to have been covered, am I saying something impactful and am meaningfully contributing to the conversation? 

  7. Does my piece acknowledge secondary sources? All statistics, quotes and direct factual information needs to have referencing (might not be directly published in the article but Woke must ensure credit is given to all outside information). 


Woke is an inclusive and safe platform for young people and we will not publish submissions that are: 

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic or in any way discriminatory. 

  • Contain irrelevant material/advice. 

  • Be defamatory or slandering any individual. 

  • Be in support of known political parties/institutions/organisations that are publicly known to commit human rights and environmental abuses and are in any way discriminatory. 

  • Is obscene or uses graphic sexual language. 

  • Promotes inaccurate, inappropriate or harmful information.

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